RDP Group

RDP Group (RDP) manufactures and sells carts and mounts to the NHS and needed their website updated to present their products in a professional manner with the key purpose being to generate enquiries.

RDP pride themselves on how modular and configurable their products are and were also looking for a way to highlight this.

RDP Group homepage
RDP Group on mobile devices

Responsive design with legacy support

With RDP's main customer being the NHS their technical situation needed to be taken into account. This meant making sure every element of the site worked flawlessly in IE8.

The site also needed to support the growing trend for mobile browsing. As is always my preference I wanted to make a site that was truly device agnostic to provide as much future proofing as possible.

Once again I went with a responsive approach using the excellent Pure.css to handle the responsive layout work and created a website that resizes seamlessly to work on all devices.

RDP Health
RDP Pharmacy


Without doubt the most complex part of the site are the Configurators. These allow people to effectively build their own product and, whilst doing so, gives them a complete overview of the various customisation options available to them.

The user would be see a rendered image of their selected configuration at each step. At the end of the process they would then be given part numbers, a link to print off a PDF of their configuration and also a URL that they could use to review the configuration at a later date.

These were so successful that re skinned versions were created for their resellers so they can visually generate their own part numbers with which to place orders.

RDP Group configurator

How they work

I wanted to come up with something that would avoid the jarring sensation of loading a new page and make changes without a page refresh.

Internally RDP already had an established part numbering system so I started by breaking down the existing part numbers. Once I had a thorough understanding of the part numbering system I created an exhaustive form that would replicate the building of the part numbers, using radio buttons to group similar options.

Each selection would trigger jQuery/Javascript code to dynamically build and display the part number. This was then RIGOROUSLY tested to make sure all part numbers produced were correct.

So we had a reliable way to generate part numbers, now to pretty things up.

A rendered image had to be created for each possible configuration. Each image file was then named with it's unique part number and the jQuery/Javascript code updated to also display the correct image each time a configuration change was made.

The form was then were heavily restyled to add product images to each radio button. Using slick carousel each group of radio buttons were then converted into a carousel with the groups of radio buttons being placed in a carousel themselves.

A final step was added which presented the user with a breakdown of their selections, any relevant part numbers, a URL they could use to revisit their configuration and a PDF download link. I used PHP/FPDF to dynamically generated the PDF file summarising their choices and displaying the rendered image.

RDP Health
RDP Pharmacy

Increased enquiries

To enable the website to generate more enquiries a very prominent 'Enquire' button was placed at the top of each product page.

This positioning is consistent across the site and opens the enquiry form in a fancybox iframe so the user doesn't leave the page and is very firmly focussed on the completing the form.

The form itself asks for the absolute bare minimum of information to further help with completion rates.

RDP Group embedded enquiry form
RDP Group homepage
RDP Health homepage