EVO Home Services

Harvey from EVO Home Services approached me to design and build three separate websites sharing the same theme: EVO Home Services, EVO Drainage Services and EVO Plumbing and Heating.

Aside the the usual eye-catching responsive design the real appeal of the project were the specific SEO requirements:

  • Create localised service pages for each of his 12 distinct services to increase chances of appearing in people's localised Google searches, e.g. Blocked Drains Cowfold, Blocked Drains Copthorne

Imagine the look on my face when Harvey told me he covers 150 towns and villages.

EVO Home Services responsive design
Evo Home Service getter cleaning
Evo Home Service drain unblocking

12 services, 150 locations

Yup that's 1,800 pages.

It was obvious from day one that I couldn't create all the pages manually so straight away I started thinking about automated solutions. As soon as you think of automation you start thinking of low quality pages that and the risk that Google will look upon them as spam and punish you accordingly.

So that's 1,800 pages that need to offer enough local variation to be of real value.

I wouldn't actually be creating any pages, rather just templates that would pull various pieces of data in according to the page the visitor has requested.

The first step was to establish a rudimentary bootstrap framework specifically for this.

Taking the following URL as an example, /blocked-drains/cowfold, the framework does the following:

  • Breaks the URL into component parts: service = blocked-drains, location=cowfold
  • Checks a predefined list of locations to see if cowfold exists, if it doesn't a 404 is returned
  • Checks a predefined list of pages to see if there is a page for blocked-drains, if there isn't a 404 is returned
  • The blocked-drains template is fetched along with data specific to cowfold
  • The cowfold specific data is inserted into the blocked-drains template and the page is sent to the visitor

I also needed to consider how Google would crawl such a large result set so I added location specific links in the footer so Googlebot would be able to follow a series of links through all the counties, towns and villages.

Whilst this automated approach works great it's still important to ask the question 'If I visited the localised page would it provide relevant information?'.

Now it's back to Harvey to create more local specific data to further increase relevancy.

EVO Home Services coverage map
Evo Home Service repairs
Evo Home Service plumbing
EVO Home Services homepage